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In our Club, we rely on efficient communication to enhance the trail experience, and GMRS radios serve as our preferred tool for staying in sync on the rugged terrain. From handheld units for convenient portability to permanently mounted vehicle units for seamless integration, we explore a variety of radio options that cater to different preferences. Joining the conversation isn't just about relaying vital information; it's also about immersing yourself in the fun, playful banter, and camaraderie that defines our trail adventures. Explore the resources below to discover the right communication tools for your off-road journey, and get ready to amplify the enjoyment of every trail excursion with Off-Camber 4x4 Garage.

Man standing on a jeep talking on a radio

Radio Options

Handheld GMRS Radio

Hand Held Radios

The simplest way to join the radio game, handheld units offer convenient portability and versatility. At our Club, we've tested and found success with the Baofeng GM-15 radios, and we confidently recommend them for their reliability on the trails. If you're unsure about committing to a radio just yet, why not join us on a trail ride? We have a small stock of loaner radios available, allowing you to experience firsthand how communication enhances the off-road adventure. Click the button below to go to the Amazon page.

Vehicle Mounted Radios

As you progress in the world of off-road communication, consider stepping up to the next level with vehicle-mounted radios. These units offer increased power and come with external antennas, ensuring enhanced reception by locating the antenna outside the vehicle. This upgrade provides a more robust communication experience, allowing you to stay seamlessly connected even in challenging terrains. Check out the below links, we have linked our favorite GMRS radio and antenna. Need help getting this installed in your vehicle, reach out to one of our service advisors to schedule an appoinment.

Midland vehicle mounted radio
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